Visual Design Samples

Skills and tools used for these projects:
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


Educators were the target audience for all the marketing pieces I did working with this company. This piece exemplifies this idea in that the story I was going for was, "your job is tough, we've got your back."

The main message was done in a font to resemble a chalk on a board in keeping with the aesthetic of the illustration. The art itself matched the cover of the catalogue we had prepared that year, but the dimensions I had to work with were much different. But I wanted to make sure the teacher's worried face was front and center as she copes with a classroom full of students. I had to extend the top of the artwork a bit for the slogan to fit on it.


A multi-page brochure advertising a single line of books. I used some of the basic design ideas from the series itself to design this particular brochure. I was inspired race car livery for the look of the piece, racing stripes and swoopy bold text. I wanted it to look exciting. Part of the idea behind a series of books like this is to encourage reluctant readers, and creating an air of excitement about them was the message we wanted to convey.

I worked on a lot of brochures while I was with Scholastic. It was important to try to match the theme, colours, and fonts to the product being advertised. Sometimes that meant following product design fairly closely, such as the Wiggleworks brochure pictured here. Sometimes it meant developing a theme, such as the Timeline one here where I took elements from comic book design.

Logo Design

This was a series of logo ideas I came up with for an app idea eventually christened "Bloom", an app that would pair with a physical sensor to let someone know the health of their house plants.

My main concern was evoking something natural, so I went with shapes that were leaf like, and stuck to the colour green. All the designs were vectors I made using Illustrator.